Hello everyone! It is very likely that you may have already heard that Adobe has launched a major update to most of their flagship applications and that they’re calling it Adobe CC(2015). Some of you may have already updated to the latest InDesign version. That said, there are a couple of things to keep in mind if you’re planning to update or if you already have.

First, note that unlike previous installations of CC, installing CC 2015 will uninstall previous versions of InDesign on your computer. To retain the previous version, make sure that you click Advanced Options and deselect “Uninstall Previous Versions.” For more information, see http://adobe.ly/1C9L831

If previous versions of InDesign were uninstalled on your computer and you would like to install them again please, see this help topic for step-by-step instructions: http://adobe.ly/1enSriu

This new InDesign version supports creating content for the new Digital Publishing Solution (DPS 2015). To create articles for DPS 2015, use any version of InDesign from CS6 and later. DPS 2015 is available in Beta. For more information, see http://adobe.ly/1dHUvku.

HOWEVER, if you want to continue using the tools provided by Adobe DPS, you should NOT upgrade. Instead, continue using InDesign CS6, CC or CC(2014).


I’m pleased to announce that I’m currently working on adding content to this course that will cover an overview of the new Adobe Publishing Solution. However, we’re still too early in the Beta stage, so it will be prudent to wait until Adobe finalises the UI and new workflows. I will keep you informed.