With the launch of InDesign CC (2015), Adobe announced a change in their Digital Publishing strategy. The reason for this change was in direct response to what customers wanted, which was to be able to create App like experiences rather than just an eZine. In order to accomplish this, Adobe knew it had to change their approach to bottling content in an App.

For example, in the previous DPS model, you could have a single issue App (formerly known as single-folio App) or a multi-issue experience where the App would become a sort of “library” that would hold one or more issues. This would simulate the ever popular Apple “Book shelf” or “Newstand”, where you could get a sense of having several books on a shelf.

The new Adobe Publishing System allows you to continue creating content from InDesign, but in the end, you EXPORT the document as an article. This replaces the previous .folio format that was becoming a digital publishing standard. Here are the steps you need to take:

1. Create your document and add interactivity (same as before). Once done, use the export command:

2. Choose to export as article:

3. Open the following URL in Google Chrome or FireFox. (Note that some browsers are not supported like Microsoft Explorer.):

Now, here’s the catch. With the previous model, you could publish a single-folio App as one of the perks of having the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. This is no longer the case. You must have a valid DPS subscription to publish Apps with the new Publishing System. This means that this service will be out-of-reach for most of us unless you have a publishing company and can justify the added costs.

You can however, take the service for a spin. Here’s the link for a 30-day DPS Trial.