Multi-Channel Publishing

Are you struggling to reach your audience at the right moment and via the most effective channels? Or do you have a challenge in creating compelling content to satisfy your readers, using your current staff and budget? Whether you’re a publisher, corporate marketing department or agency, we will take your multi-channel publishing activities to the next level.

Your customers want to find you and your content in any number of ways: through print, on the web, via social media and on their smartphones and tablets. So, when you create content, it’s important that it adapt quickly and efficiently to those output channels.

This sounds like a challenge! But whatever content you create, TYB Consulting can help you publish it to the right channels. We will collaborate with you to develop or update a workflow, help you find the right hardware and software for your project and then train your creative staff to get the most out of the system.

Why Are We The Best?

With the advent of multi-channel publishing, the number of digital assets such as images, video, audio, PDFs and more, is growing at mind-blowing speed. To centralize, manage and find these millions of assets, a dedicated Digital Asset Management system (DAM) is a must-have. At TYB Consulting, we can help you find the right DAM to fit your needs and company’s goal.
New content can easily be repurposed for additional channels, and archived content can quickly be monetized a second time. And we’re ready to accommodate any channel that might come along in the future, as well.
Enterprise, our multi-channel publishing system, provides your organization with a flexible, future-proof system that enables you to efficiently publish to any channel – Web, tablet, print, social – at any time. Simply by using Content Station – our front-end editorial management application – your staff can produce content, from the initial planning up to publishing. You can finally realize your content strategy.

Multi-Channel Publishing

Be wherever your customers are. At any time, on any platform! While everybody else was only talking about it, WoodWing was building the tools to make multi-channel publishing a breeze. We allow you to focus on the story and put your content strategy into effect. We will collaborate with you to develop or update a workflow, help you find the right hardware and software for your project and then train your creative staff to get the most out of the system.


Asset Management

Without DAM in your organization, your editorial, marketing or creative staff might spend a lot of time each day searching for the right assets. We can help you find a Digital Asset Management System that centralizes purchased material, marketing campaigns, wire feeds and editorial content. When you are working on a production for web, print or on a digital app, having direct access to assets drastically improves efficiency. We can provide the know-how your company needs to be more productive and efficient.


Services for Publishers

We can design an editorial workflow that enables users to access all your content from within InDesign and InCopy through one Smart panel. Conveniently search and browse, open layouts, place images, save versions, and route documents to other users according to your pre-defined workflow. We use Woodwing’s Enterprise Server to speed up production and bring more fun to the daily job. There is extensive support for templates, such as article, dossier and layout templates. User tasks can also be automated via comprehensive scripting options.

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