Our Four Areas of Expertise

On-Site Training – Train your Brain of Puerto Rico delivers the highest quality education and training right to your doorstep. We believe our students should train in their own professional environment, using the equipment they will be use day-to-day to produce high-quality work.

Multichannel Publishing and consulting – Your customers want to find you and your content in any number of ways: through print, on the web, via social media and on their smartphones and tablets. So, when you create content, it’s important that it adapt quickly and efficiently to those output channels.

Graphic Design – From art direction to print production work, we can help you communicate your ideas effectively and creatively. Here’s a brief description of some of the services we offer and excel at.

Web and interactive design – It’s a digital world we live in, and it comes as no surprise that our design services would expand into new media. Ask us for a free consult and find out exactly how hard we can work for our clients.

Pro-Level Training

Bonafide Creative Professionals and Adobe Certified Experts

Certified Experts

This is simply the best training you can hire, this side of the “Rio Grande de Loíza”


Expert consultants that can help you meet your company's goals.

Make Your Content Stand Out

Editorial Workflows, Digital Publishing, Web or App Development and more.


Only the highest quality graphic and interactive design

Design Something Beautiful!

Editorial design, Advertising and Promotional design, Collateral Design, Digital Illustration and Print Production.

Web Development...

New Media developers for a new and bold digital World

... or App Development

Do you have an idea for that cool new iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device? We can help you polish, design and develop your next new media sensation.

Why Choose Us

With over 20 years experience, Train your Brain (formerly known as InDesign Training PR) has set the benchmark in Puerto Rico for providing quality training and courses to the publishing, education, design, marketing and print industries. Not only do we have the most competent, up-to-date, professional designers / trainers in all of Puerto Rico, but we also offer the best after-training support options.

What Client’s Say

A very reliable person, José is a very good communicator, who can easy adapt to the difficulties of a project. He is very thorough and has a great amount of expertise. A true born instructor!
¡TREMENDO! Muy informativo y al grano.
Manuel González, GFR Media
José M. Ramos is a highly competent professional. He has been instrumental in our organization use of InDesign for publishing our materials. He is an excellent teacher, colleague, and is always available for helping everyone at his or her pace. It has been a privilege and an honor to work with José M. Ramos
Débora Hernández, The College Board