The proof is in the pudding

We spend much or our time listening to our clients and finding out what they think about our performance once all is said and done. This is a small sample of what our clients and students have to say about our services and products.
“Muy interesante la presentación. Aprendí sobre algunas herramientas y efectos que no sabía que existían. Sobre todo el Refine Edge. ¡Muy bueno!”
Event Attendee, InDesign User Group
“Jose **never** failed to give a thoughtful review. His comments for revisions made each of my pieces stronger. He was encouraging and supportive and I very much agreed with his advice. I would definitely take another course with Jose again.”
Thank you so much for all of your help and feedback throughout this course. I wish I could have done this first, as it’s been one of the most work-applicable courses I’ve taken so far. I learned SO much. I really feel confident in asking for things from my printers and having professional and knowledgable communication with them about our jobs. Thanks again so very much!
Cate, Sessions College
“José M. Ramos is a highly competent professional. He has been instrumental in our organization use of InDesign for publishing our materials. He is an excellent teacher, colleague, and is always available for helping everyone at his or her pace. It has been a privilege and an honor to work with José M. Ramos”
Débora Hernández, The College Board
“A very reliable person, José is a very good communicator, who can easy adapt to the difficulties of a project. He is very thorough and has a great amount of expertise. A true born instructor!”
“Muy educativa y llena de inspiración”
Richard Jimenez, InDesign User Group
“Very fun and engaging. I had no idea what InDesign even was before this course, and I was still able to follow along with the instructions. Now that I’m finished, I feel MUCH more comfortable with the software, and am confident in my layout abilities! My expectations were surpassed.”
“¡TREMENDO! Muy informativo y al grano”.
Manuel González, GFR Media
“Mr. Ramos was very knowledgeable about the software and its application. His instructions when followed enable me to produce successful end products, which was encouraging. His instructional approach included word choices for easy interpretation alternative scenarios for application of tools and features and their uses. He also addressed possible errors we might come across with explanations, making the journey on each lesson much less intimidating. His use of light humor was a much appreciative plus. Over all Ramos was a great instructor. He was both very supportive and encouraging when I was getting frustrated and didn’t seem to mind how many questions I asked or emails I sent. I felt like he wanted us to succeed as much as we did.”
Online Student, Sessions College of Professional Design
“Excelente información, sobre todo, motivación para seguir hacia adelante”